STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: It’s Hot, Hot, Hot Pants Time!

They are remembered as a vital part of the classic pin-up ensemble and, in the '70s, even integrated the official stewardesses' uniform. The hot pants consist of high-waisted, very short shorts and are a major bet for summer 2013 around here. New Order and Maria Bonita Extra are examples of brands that were inspired by the trend and featured in the last Fashion Rio with hot pants in their collections.

Although hot pants might be the créme de la créme of elegance on the runaways, wearing the trend off the catwalk requires a lot of attitude, and I might add, worked-out legs. For those who fit the part–like today's Fashionista–care is still needed. After all, hot pants' side effects include an instantaneous top model flair, but vulgarity is also very easily achieved. To prevent it, pair your hot shorts with long-sleeved tops, such as blazers or, as this Fashionista shows, light cardigans.

Jeans fabrics fit perfectly when the idea is to get casual. Get inspired by today's Fashionista's hot shorts and find a similar one at American Apparel. For an edgier approach of the trend, wait until dark and wear galaxy-printed or sequin-embroidered NASTY GAL hot pants combined with stellar heels and sheer tops. Today, you don't need to become a stewardess to touch the sky.

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