A handbag can be a Fashionista's best friend. It carries all of life's essentials. Many of us could probably live out of our handbags, at least for a few days. I've always believed that handbags (and shoes) are something we shouldn't hesitate to splurge on. A sturdy, versatile bag can last a lifetime; it's an investment in itself. Almost every known designer has at least a few handbags in their collections because they know that well made, practical handbags sell. 

In addition to her romantic yet still workplace-appropriate ensemble, today's Fashionista is sporting the Jane by M Z Wallace handbag. An accessory comparable to the popular Longchamp bags we see everywhere, M Z Wallace bags are affordable, unique and practical. With plenty of pockets, leather detailing, and water resistance, an M Z Wallace handbag may be my next handbag purchase. I'm currently eyeing the Sophie crossbody in cobalt blue with funky red edging. 

This summer, take the time to find the perfect handbag, then save up the cash for it. While you may find one at a bargain or at a sky-high price, a practical bag that will last years is a promising investment. 

Remember when I stressed the importance of a chunky watch in the workplace? Today's Fashionista just happened to be sporting the exact same Michael Kors watch we saw a few weeks earlier

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