Summer refuses to start here as it continues to rain, even as the sun tries to come through the clouds throughout the day. Therefore, this calls for us to still reach for our jackets and boots when opening the closet in the morning. However, I do admit it is a nice change from the 100° F and humid DC weather.

As I was walking home from the tube one day after work I spotted this Fashionista hanging around outside Selfridges. At first glance she may just look like another girl wearing combat boots and cargos, however, each item on her has a unique aspect distinguishing the pieces from their more generic counterpart. Starting with her jacket, from far away it looks like a brown, leather jacket. But up-close I could see the pocket detailing to reveal that it was actually a “wet-look”, casual Barbour jacket. I loved her Barbour and that is hard for me to say because walking the streets of America people seem to be wearing the same, versatile Barbour jacket. Put a modern, stylish twist on it like this one, and you get an entirely different look. As for her pants, they’re not actually cargos. They have zippers on the outside of the thigh like this Topshop pair – giving them a cargo-like look with the color and on the inner, lower leg there is a knit patch. Intricate detail like this is what draws me in to certain pieces, making me appreciate their original look. As for her accessories, this Fashionista made a point to show me the back of her combat boots with the red zippers – an element of the shoe that I definitely was not expecting. However, my favorite piece is probably the owl necklace. It really makes her overall outfit fun and quirky with it. To finish it off, she is toting an ever-classic Balenciaga bag. The bag brings all the colors in her outfit together, whether dark or light brown, the shade of green and even her hair color to create an effortless, yet chic London look.

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