With winter on its last legs and weather cramping any creativity with relentless rain and snow, Fordham’s Fashionistos may have fallen into a funk. It seems as though college students everywhere are bundling up in black wool and baggy denim, leaving little to no room for inspiration. This week’s Fashionisto, however, takes on the dipping temperatures with another kind of coat: the jean jacket.

Transcending four seasons and decades of style, the jean jacket is a stylish staple for every forecast. The denim jacket is not only capable of cardigan-like qualities, but it also makes for optimal outerwear. Inside our out, this dapper denim piece is the perfect sweater substitute for any and every season. This Fashionisto combines casual classics with a cool-colored palette to give his easygoing ensemble an aesthetic appeal without forgoing comfort. The warm tones of his brown, buckled belt interrupt the attractive combinations of hunter green and dusty blues. Substituting the typical slacks and sweatshirt with a slim-fit pant and Henley hoodie, this Fashionisto dresses for the winter blues with refinement.

To shed your winter coat and try on timeless denim (for men and women), check out Levi's and American Eagle.

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At the moment, I'm after the perfect denim shirt. I haven't found it yet, and have no proof of its existence, but I remain confident (somehow) before too long it will be mine. It's tight fitting, but long, dark, but slightly faded, with those grandma-style pearl buttons and a top pocket. It haunts me, and I'll make it if I really have to. Then live in it for a good three months before forgetting I own it. The denim shirt, is of course, this season's 'denim with a twist' item to have. Last fall it was the denim waistcoat. Before that, and for the bravest only, the denim-on-denim clash. I've seen friends in ill-advised denim boots, and even own a particularly fetching denim bag myself. Each trend had it's fashion moment, before we slung it to the back of the closet and moved on to the next.

The problem with denim trends is that they're just that – trends. For true denim style, there's only ever one wardrobe essential – the perfect pair of jeans. Let's face it, good denim is at the heart of every Fashionisto's (and Fashionista's) wardrobe, whatever the season. It's eternal. And everything else, not matter how much you may covet it at the time, is just a passing whim, and you'll be reaching for those fail-safe Levi's as soon as you're bored.

This Fashionisto's dark denim jeans may be simple, but prove a true classic. Kept simple with black trainers and a black tee, the effortless 'just got out of bed to go to lectures' student look such an investment piece will last season after season. This pair are available from G-Star Raw, but there's a lot of great denim to be had on the high street – check out Cheap Monday jeans for guys and girls. There's a wide range of styles and colours available, just try not to team them with your old denim boots.

Hint: Desperate for this season's skinnies but stuck with last season's flares? Try a local tailor or even the fashion and textiles department of your college! For a small fee, you may be able to get last year's jeans brought straight up to date with slight alterations to the style or fit. Give that old pair a new lease of life.

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