The state of Tennessee is now officially feeling fall, and this Fashionista is fully embracing the nicer weather. While mornings are cool and crisp, afternoons can still pack a punch of warmth. But, have no fear, this Fashionista has it all figured out. Western boots make the perfect complement to any skirted ensemble, striking the perfect balance.

While this Fashionista undoubtedly makes wearing boots with a skirt look easy, the task is not always so effortless. When combining the tough and the feminine, it is imperative for Fashionistas to consider the balance of their outfit. Making it look like a no-brainer, this Fashionista adds a multi-hued blue eyelet scarf to balance the weight of her beautiful brown boots. Also adding to the aesthetic balance of her outfit is her long sleeved brown T-shirt, which simply and effortlessly grounds her outfit. 

Boots are the ultimate for fall, as they keep your feet warm without getting overheated and can handle the dewy mornings and occasional light rain that greets us when we wake up. On those ambiguous mornings when the forecast says warm, but you feel cold, boots are the perfect piece. Whether cowboy or classic riding, they casually increase the chic-factor of any outfit. Paired with a chunky scarf or sweater up top, boots help us get through even the dreariest of Mondays by giving us something solid to rely on.

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