So we've covered sheer tops, maxi skirts and floral prints (for both men and women). What about the combination of both in a maxi skirt? Sheer skirts have definitely been a trend this spring. Everyone is all about the sheer skirt, from celebrities to our Fashionistas on They have even been appearing in quite a few runways for designers' spring 2013 collections. Take a look at Stella McCartney's collection, need I say more? After all what's not to love, you keep cool and comfortable while looking effortless and chic.

The sheer maxi skirt is so versatile it will make your head spin! There are so many textures, designs, colours, patterns and cuts to be played with when it comes to this skirt. You might want to spend a little more on a skirt like this though. Most of the time, the price of the item is correlated to the quality of that item. So, cheaper skirts generally result in poorer quality. We do not want the material to snag now do we? Also, you would definitely want to wear something more underneath the skirt. It is definitely not fashionable when others can see what's not meant to be seen.

I feel that the fluidity of the skirt can give you a very ethereal feel that you might want to play around with. If so, this white Xuan Maxi skirt from Hien Le will be great for the role! Or perhaps rock up in this edgier piece from Belgian fashion designer Dries Van Noten. Both skirts are from Far Fetch.

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