STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Keep Calm and “Chloe” On

I can always tell when it is technically “fall season” on campus at George Washington University once I see everyone wearing clothes in tones of blues, grays, and greens. Although I know plenty of people look forward to fall just for the clothing and the color pallate, I am always pleasantly surprised when I see someone pull off light colors despite the decreasing temperatures.

This Fashionista was grabbing lunch at the newly opened Foggy Bottom Whole Foods on the Avenue when her pink silk shirt by Equipment caught my eye. She regarded that although she had originally purchased this top in the spring, she wanted to get some wear out of it before it got too cold.

She artfully matched her light pink shirt with the army green Houlihan skinny cargo pants by J Brand that was so popular last fall. Still fresh, the pants compliment the color of her blouse, and by adding flats by Vera Wang Lavender– her outfit is extremely wearable in the fall weather.

The best part of her outfit by far is her Marcie by Chloe. Sometimes at GWU it can feel like we’re drowining in a sea of Balenciagas and quilted Chanels- it was refreshing to see someone with an exquisite level of taste pulling off a bag that no one else has. The bag is so beautiful and well constructed, it can make any outfit look good.

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