Graduation: a bittersweet moment in each senior's career. As a fellow graduate at Wofford College, this weekend has been a whirlwind of events all commemorating our last moments as college undergraduates. It is hard to be caught up in the emotional turmoil surging through us, brought on by the glimmer in our parents' eyes or the long, lasting talks we have with our friends late at night. And although things may be changing around us, our style is staying just the same. We, the class of 2012, are keeping it classy.

Spotting these Fashionistas at my sorority's final luncheon, they are wearing two of Wofford's favorite trends: a Lilly Pulitzer sundress and a printed mod shift dress. Pairing each outfit with signature jewelry, comfortable leather wedges and huge smiles, these ladies remind me of the demure air of Wofford women and their casual dress. 

Achieving this look is simple. Take a hint from these Wofford Fashionistas and sport some Southern style. Pair a classic Lilly Pulitzer sundress with a soft cardigan and leather wedges. Or, if that is not your style, take a hint from the other Fashionista's mod style. Wear a patterned shift dress with signature pieces of jewelry. 

Although we all may be moving on with our lives, the one thing that we will take with us is our style. As a Wofford woman, I know these unique, Southern trends have influenced the way that I have defined my own personal philosophy on fashion. Always classy, and sometimes a little sassy, the Southern character will always go with me, even though I am moving on from college. 

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When it comes to business attire, adding your own personal sense of style and oomph into your outfit can make all the difference. By doing so, you will appear stylish and professional to your employer as well as anyone you may be interacting with. Keep a few goals in mind when dressing for the office:

  • Keep it polished, not sloppy
  • Avoid excessive accessories, less is more
  • You don't get a second chance for a first impression!

This Fashionista did a fabulous job when planning her outfit. This corporate-casual look can go from office, to classes very easily without appearing too formal. Always remember to project a professional image while still staying true to your individual style. I particularly admire how this Fashionista took black and white to a new level by incorporating a green Longchamp bag to add a pop of color. These bags have been seen all over college campuses, and are a great substitute over that beat-up backpack most of us are still lugging around.

Pearls are the perfect way to accessorize without looking gaudy, or sloppy. A watch is not only ideal in order to stay punctual, but also just looks so chic. I am in love with the recent watches Swatch has come out with. Black and white doesn't have to be boring! If you're going straight from hours at the office, to class or happy hour, do like this Fashionista did and slip out of your heels and into a pair of more comfortable sandals which won't detract from the outfit at all.

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