To feel comfortable is to wear something that is comfortable. No, by all that is divine, I do not mean you should be wearing flip flops and sweatpants. Don’t you dare. What I mean is that you should wear something that your body can breathe in (cancel out the super skinny jeans). There’s the saying that, “Beauty is pain,” and it really isn’t kidding. Have you ever tried walking in five-inch platform heels? I have (but don’t tell anyone). There are times when you just want to simmer down a bit and really let the minimal things do the talking for you.

This Fashionista looked lovely in an outfit that not only caught my eye (which can be hard for me to do a double-take), but she also had this outfit that look relaxing. Her leggings are the first thing to note because it’s something all Fashionista’s should have in their closet. A regular shirt can be thrown on top (a cropped top like hers can go over that shirt) and a loose button-down, left unbuttoned, can be a very quick and easy ensemble to not only look good in, but feel good in. Throwing some boots on give that grunge feel and it still keeps that comfortable feel intact. Oxfords, gladiator sandals and flats. Really, it all depends on the mood you’re in. Her purse and necklace were the minimal accessories that spoke out for this outfit.

Don’t think that just because you don’t like as high fashion as you can that you don’t look good. Throw on some accessories (but don’t overdo them) and feel good in what you’re wearing, because you’ll be looking good.

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