When the weather isn’t sunny or warm, the way we dress (and our mood) tends to reflect that. I’m definitely guilty of gravitating towards my darkest knits and most comfortable and warmest clothing, so I was pretty impressed when I saw this Fashionisto because he didn’t opt for anything dark. Rather he opted for light colored pieces, which, in my opinion, are another great way to keep warm on a cold and rainy day like Southern California experienced that day.

I usually notice most Fashionistos rocking a pair of dark washed jeans and a cashmere pullover with sneakers or boots — a great outfit in my opinion — but this Fashionisto decided on something a bit different; he chose a pair of khakis, a lavender/purple dress shirt, brown boat shoes and a navy blue peacoat.

Such a look — a bit dressy, refined and causal because of the use of light colors–isn’t often seen on campus, but I liked how such a light colored shirt and pants add something fresh and bright to such a gloomy, rainy and chilly day.

So, remember, just because the weather is cold and gloomy doesn’t mean you have to gravitate towards dark clothes. It is a perfect time to wear some color to make sure your day is warm and bright, regardless if there is sunshine or not.

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