When it comes to style, sometimes a simple outfit can make a big impression. It is easy to get lost in always trying to find a dramatic outfit and accessories to wear. However, there are many days when just a simple ensemble will do the trick.

This Fashionista wore a simple, but flattering hunter green dress with three-quarter sleeves. She paired her outfit with a gold and pearl statement necklace, gold sandals and a large black bag. This ensemble is simple and easy going, perfect for a day full of classes and meetings.

Incorporating simplicity into your wardrobe is very easy. Most Fashionistas have the tools they need to create a simple outfit in their wardrobe already. All you need is solid colors. When it is warm, a solid colored dress or a solid colored skirt paired with a T-shirt will do the trick. When it is cold, skinny jeans and a simple T-shirt will create a simple look.

When trying to create a simple outfit, accessories are important. A statement shoe, necklace or belt can make an outfit go from plain to simple and well put together. In this case, accessories really make the outfit.

Finding simple pieces to add to your wardrobe will be far from difficult. You can find a simple piece in any store. My favorite places to shop for essential simple pieces include Forever 21, Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe and ASOS. The next time you shop, take a break from the dramatic, printed pieces and try to find something simple that still complements your style.

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Sometimes fashion is all about keeping it simple; at times outfits can get cluttered with too many accessories and layers, taking away from the ensemble as a whole. This Fashionista was able to get dressed in five minutes while still remaining chic. She wears a simple pair of pumps with a flattering polo dress and pearls to provide minimal accessories. The dress can be worn with leggings or tights as well!

Every Fashionista should have a few simple, classic pieces in her wardrobe to wear every so often. This includes a little black dress, a pair of solid-colored pumps, and basic tees. Try wearing them alone, and not part of an elaborate, layered outfit, for a change in style.

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