STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Keeping It Simple And Chic

Everything fabulous starts out as something simple. Unfortunately, when people hear the word simple they often think of something bland and uninteresting. Though this categorization is not always untrue, wearing something simple can sometimes make for the chicest of looks. As a girl that adores a bold pattern and an outfit that screams I’m one of a kind, I can honestly say that my love for this look caught me off guard.

I spotted this Fashionista walking around campus on a gorgeous, sunny day in Foggy Bottom. The first aspect of her outfit that I was drawn to was her statement bag. As I’ve mentioned before, I live for statement pieces. This bag not only catches the eye of a passer-by, but it complements the simplicity of her sky-blue dress – pink and blue are great together. Next, I noticed her bold bracelet that is ever so slightly darker than her dress – a subtle accent that has a sense of individuality. I couldn’t help but think how chic she was, especially for wearing a garment so simple.

After raving to her about how cute she looked and taking a couple of snapshots, I decided to go back to my own closet and try to construct a similar aura. Much to my surprise, it was incredibly easy – and it wasn’t because I have an unhealthy amount of clothes. Every woman has a simple, solid-colored dress hiding somewhere within their closet. It’s a dress that is plain and a piece that you didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg on. The second part of this look might be slightly more work to achieve. With this, it’s all about accenting and accessorizing. You can add a bright bag and unique jewelry, like this Fashionista, or you can throw on some funky shoes and a hat.  Either way, the key to this look is starting out with the basics and gradually adding on little pieces of flare. Any woman can achieve this look – there is nothing holding you back!

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