Leaping from safari expeditions and military uniforms to women's closets and office-appropriate wear, the khaki pant has been a part of the world of fashion for decades. Although this fabric was recently considered a fashion faux pas amongst trendsetters, this wardrobe staple is now making a comeback in an unarguably cool way. Despite being known as a mundane fabric, khaki can have a head-turning effect because not only is it comfortable and cute, but khaki pants serve as an effortlessly chic alternative to jeans. Khakis are now available in variety of styles and colors, making this classic garment suddenly cool and covetable. Take notes on this Kansas Fashionista and her chic look in khakis.

This Fashionista deftly blended neutral shades, including khaki, black, and beige, to create a nuanced and adorable ensemble. She took a modern approach to her khaki-based outfit by cuffing the bottoms of her pants, a style tip that is perfect for crisp spring mornings. In addition to her pegged and cuffed pants, she layered neutral hues for a harmonious and sophisticated outfit. My favorite part of this Fashionista’s look, which she described as “casual professional,” is her funky accessories. Her cheetah-print flats and gold beaded necklace added a touch of style and youthfulness to the look and disprove the khaki's negative connotation.

Although this Fashionista played up her cuffed chinos with neutral tones, one of spring’s most sought-after trends, the pastel palette, would also work perfectly with khaki pants. Rolled boyfriend khakis paired with this candy-colored top make for an easy and fresh outfit on campus. To add sex appeal to this neutral anchor, pair this black cropped top with a neon belt and strappy heels for a look perfect for date night or the weekend.

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