A trend that’s been becoming more popular around men’s style recently is shorter shorts. Showing off your unclad knees is the latest style in popular spring-wear for men and frankly add a lot of character to the usual pair of shorts. Also, this style of shorts are utilitarian in nature as they will help keep you cool as temperatures rise. Essentially, they are the perfect addition to any guy's wardrobe as we move into summer.

This Fashionisto sports a great pair of knee baring shorts- awesome in both style and for battling the Arizona heat. He’s matched them with a nautical-themed striped top, breezy button down and simple white canvas sneakers. His accessories accentuate the look without overdoing it. His wayfarer sunglasses, gray hat, gold watch, leather belt and masculine carry-all pouch are wonderful in style and absolutely necessary to this look.

Though I admit I rarely shop in the men’s department, I do take note when seeing great men’s clothing in stores. H&M has a fabulous selection for men as does Urban Outfitters. I particularly love these shorts from Urban Outfitters as they are reminiscient of the featured Fashionisto’s pair. You can also find a carry-all pouch similar to his at American Apparel.

To translate this look for us ladies- we can incorporate the style into a more feminine look with this striped tank top tucked into these high-waisted linen shorts. Layer with this relaxed boyfriend shirt from Forever 21 and your favorite pair of TOMS.

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