Knitwear has been around since before the 1920s. It was Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel herself who made knitwear fashionable, after designing the costumes for Diaghilev's ballet Le Train Bleu. The costumes were hand-knitted, rather daring, bathing suits and made knitwear famous. Ever since then, knit comes around at least once a year during fall, because it's not only comfortable but also keeps you deliciously warm during the cold months.

This week's Fashionista took advantage of those facts and stayed warm in her blue knitted dress. While knit is easily associated with roughness and bulkiness, this dress gives her a very feminine look by accentuating her figure with smart tucks along the bustline.

In order to give the dress some personality, this Fashionista added a pair of cool combat boots and a pink infinity scarf to brighten up her day. Also notice how her nails match her dress — whether intentional or not, definitely a cute little detail! 

Another idea to brighten up this look is to wear the dress with a pair of great tights. The newly opened Topshop in Chicago has great ones that won't hurt your budget too much. A bright pair of loafers or sky-high ankle boots would definitely be another way to personalize a simple knit dress like this one. The options are endless, so get yourself a simple knit dress and have fun mixing it up all fall/winter long!

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