Coco Chanel said, “When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on.” These are wise words from Ms. Chanel in a lesson on not over-doing it. However even so, wearing the right amount of accessories tends to be a confusing, blurry subject, and often times we are not sure whether to add another bracelet, take off a ring or go accessory-less altogether. The options are overwhelming and endless when choosing what to add to your daily ensemble. But really guys, it’s okay. Don’t fear accessories!

This week’s Fashionista wears a cropped blazer with black slacks and a flowing white top. I love that her outfit is a simple palate to the accessories she places over top. And in fact, she takes the outfit to a whole new level with her accessories. She wears a bowler hat that is reminiscent of Magritte’s The Son of Man (Le fils de l'homme) oil on canvas from 1964. She also shows off her chic lenses. Glasses are no longer a staple for the nerd-herd, but are recently a classy way to look smart and professional. She mentions that she finds her one-of-a-kind items at thrift stores like Goodwill and Buffalo Exchange. A great tip that all of us can take with us, since shopping at these stores are a real treat in that each item is truly unique.

For those of us who prefer the convenience of online shopping and not partaking in the hunt of second-hand shops, recreating this Fashionista’s outfit is easy. The Wool Boater Hat from Nasty Gal is to die for! And faux-vintage readers from Urban Outfitters are perfect for those who want to wear glasses, but already have perfect vision. Overall, remember to choose unique items and follow your gut when deciding how many accessories to wear. Fabulous accessories are pivotal to making a great ensemble even better.

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