It’s the time of year for a vacation, if only a mental one. Why settle for anything less than the City of Lights? This Fashionista is certainly channeling her inner Parisian with her outerwear and accessories.

While I realize this is complete stereotyping, wearing all black always make me feel French. This Fashionista captures the chic look even better, however, with an actual beret. She looks like the perfect little French girl–la petit fille parfaite. Her dark hair makes the outfit particularly striking and tucking it in slightly to the collar of her coat looks fashionable and cozy.

A worsted wool coat is a classic piece that never fails to look sleek and feminine. The tie at the waist of this one makes it extra flattering, and the high collar gives it something special while keeping her extra warm–no scarf necessary. The black skinny pants are likewise a wardrobe staple and look great under the flared coat. Her boots are the star of the outfit, though. It is difficult to find boots that hit right at the top of the knee, but it’s an attractive cut. It’s not quite as show-offish as thigh-highs and creates a smoother line than mid-calf or knee-high boots. The wedge heel makes any shoes more comfortable and practical for walking, particularly in bad weather. These boots have a wonderful petal detail at the top made with two overlapping cuffs. The curved seam from the back down each side highlights the calf muscle and the smooth leather piping on the edges makes the suede boots clean and defined.

Just when you thought the outfit was wholly monochromatic, however, this Fashionista adds a focal point with the purple, patent leather pocket book. It shines and catches the light, yet it’s simple and looks just as chic as the rest of the ensemble. The little bow goes with the air of girlishness about the outfit and shows that this Fashionista really has a Paris–worthy fashion sense.

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