Labor Day is approaching us and everyone asks themselves that age old question – to wear white or not to wear white? No white after Labor Day is a primary fashion rule that even my father knows about. However, I feel as though white after Labor Day is perfectly acceptable, (and still fashion forward), when done appropriately. I consulted the book of Style by Kate Spade, (who happens to be a graduate of Arizona State University), to see what she had to say about the issue, and it just so happens that the very first paragraph on the first page of the book is about wearing white after Labor Day. Talk about a great coincidence! Spade says, “Wearing white is a personal preference, and you needn’t be bound by long-standing traditions. If white is basic to your wardrobe, then by all means wear it year-round. The trick is to tweak it so that it looks natural to each season…” (1.) I think that she is right on the money with this one.

This week’s featured Fashionista sports the perfect post-Labor Day ensemble. She wears a pair of fresh white shorts along with a teal-colored v-neck top. She ties off the look with a brown leather belt and adds some unexpected shine with her metallic sandals. My style advice of the week is to disregard the no-white-after-Labor-Day rule and wear white this fall and winter if you so desire. White is a lovely color and can really have an impact when matched with bold colors and accessories. If you’re looking for your own pair of white shorts, try these awesome destroyed denim shorts from Urban Outfitters. Once the weather permits and you’re feeling like sporting a little white, try the Unisex Slim Slack from American Apparel. Pair it with this gorgeous zippered cardigan in purple for a striking fall look!

Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend Arizona State Fashionista/os!

Source: (1.) Spade, Kate, Ruth A. Peltason, and Julia Leach. "Have You Ever Wondered…?" Style: Always Gracious, Sometimes Irreverent. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2004. 4. Print. Find this book here!

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