Most people usually pair tights with skirts or dresses, but this Fashionista did something a little bit more original and stylish: she wore shorts with tights underneath. The tights and shorts combo is the perfect “It’s getting warmer but it’s still January” kind of look; it’s almost warm enough to wear shorts, but it feels weird because it’s only January.

This Fashionista is studying abroad from Sweden, which explains why her style has such a unique twist to it. She is wearing vintage denim shorts paired with an oversized off the shoulder crop sweater, then she added the lace leggings underneath, which make the biggest statement.

I personally love that tights are becoming more and more popular to wear. They’re such a great piece because they can make any outfit so much more unique and trendy. This is also a great combo for girls that are not confident enough to wear shorts alone. Instead of the traditional combination of tights with a dress or skirt, wearing them under shorts this season will definitely make a big statement.

This Fashionista purchased her lace leggings at American Apparel. I love going into that store because it feels like everything is a puzzle piece through which you are free to mix and match anything and everything to make your own endless creations. If there isn’t a store near you, you can check out the rest of their hosiery and leggings online.

This spring, be more daring. If you’re going out, wear black shorts with lace or sheer black tights/leggings and knee-high black leather boots. If you’re going the casual route, pair jean shorts with tights/leggings that have a fun and colorful pattern or design and throw on a pair of your favorite combat boots. Remember to be confident and show off those legs!



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