With the unusual Los Angeles weather, Angelenos are dreaming of the hot sun, warm beaches and summertime activities. This week's Fashionista is daring enough to brave the unseasonably chilly weather in shorts. Shorts have evolved through the fashion world; from khaki, knee-length shorts from the 1940s to now, shorts are almost a staple in the everyday Fashionista’s closet. From cotton to linen, and linen to denim, shorts are fun, easy, and practical for the adventurous Fashionista. Plus, one has the ability to mix and match to create an ideal outfit.

This particular Fashionista was able to create a modern twist on a classic textile and concept. Her high-waisted linen shorts are stylish yet somewhat conservative, but with her ivory lace top she creates the perfect balance between classic and modern. Pairing them with a blazer or even a basic T-shirt, high-waisted shorts are easy to dress up or down. Looking for the perfect relaxed summer look? Try a pair of vintage-looking high-waisted shorts, with a draped white blouse.

Besides this Fashionista’s fantastic shorts, she was able to stay warm with her lace top. Lace instantly brings a feminine touch to any outfit. Whether it’s a top with lace detailing or even lace shorts, lace is able to draw the eye of any fashion enthusiast. For a summer day outfit, try this dress with Mary Jane heels to create a feminine yet chic outfit. To complete the outfit, add a skinny belt and your favorite accessories. Shorts are essentially summer’s best friend; they’re light, easy to wear, and practical for almost any outdoor activity. Never be afraid to experiment with shorts; from different lengths to fabrics, they’re a great way to jump-start a lovely summer.


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