On this extremely hot day in Boston, this Fashionista gets an A+ for pulling off a comfortable but stylish look. She picks up on the summer/fall trend – lace. Instead of a sheer-looking lace shirt she wears a white shirt, and instead of tight shorts (the kind that would take the outfit from day to night), she wears comfortable drawstring shorts. This Fashionista combines her look with her own individual style – two different earrings and large sunglasses – a bonafide summer outfit from head to toe. But don't be confused to think that lace can only be worn in the summer. Here are some ways to incorporate lace into your outfits for fall: 

1. Lace Up Crochet Knee Highs – You can wear these under heels or have them peeking out of your army boots. 

2. Ella Moss Exclusive "Chastity" Lace V-Neck Top – A long sleeve shirt for winter with just a peek of lace in the back. 

3. Kimchi Blue Lace Bandeau – If you lack confidence to wear out just lace, opt for this underneath a sweater or v-neck shirt. 

4. Kova and T: Rachel Lace Dress – A lace dress for night. 

This Fashionista manages to stay cool in the 95-degree Boston weather, but also manages to wear a trend and turn heads. She will stand out on Commonwealth Ave., be comfortable in Mugar Library and can easily dress up the outfit with heels and a jacket for night. 

Classes have started and we all need to focus on our studies, but a good outfit makes a confident, smarter person more likely to focus in class. Don't forget to be fashionable BU! 

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