Lollapalooza came and went in a blink of an eye. Lady Gaga put it perfectly Friday night- that festivals are a celebration of youth. We all come together and embrace who we are and how essential invidiuality is to our world. Not only did Lady Gaga's performance inspire me to continue being artistic and creative in every medium of my life, the fans in the crowd at Lollapoolza inspired me. Size, ethnicity, race, sex, and economics didn't matter this weekend. Thousands of young people came together to just enjoy life and the company of one another.

Guilty like most, I sometimes get too caught up in the superficiality of day-to-day interactions and the sorted other stresses life brings us. But anyone who attended the festival this weekend can attest to the fact that there wasn't a care in the world from the moment you walked into Grant Park. Chicago's weather and mezmorizing skyline couldn't have been more perfect this weekend. So enjoy the ladies of Lolla's fashion choices today and how they let loose for this summer festival.

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