Madonna brought the lace look to the forefront of the fashion world in the ‘80s with her scandalous bustiers and gloves fashioned from the delicate fabric. Lace added a sexy touch to all of the material girl’s outfits, and now that sexiness has made its way down to the legs. Lace tights are a huge trend right now and a great way to show some skin in a classy way. Designers like Nicole Miller and Rebecca Minkoff are bringing this look into high fashion, and stars like Megan Fox, Taylor Swift and Whitney Port have all tied this stylish leg wear into their chic ensembles. Lace tights add a touch of romantic style to your wardrobe, and they’re great for light coverage over your bare legs before summer comes.

When I saw these Fashionistas, my eyes immediately focused on their edgy, urban chic printed tights. This fun accessory is perfect for pairing with skirts and dresses for fashionable flair. The Fashionista on the left rocks a sheer diagonal pattern – her loud hosiery updates her simple, tie-die dress. Her dress is casual with a modern style, and her combat boots add the perfect amount of toughness to her look. The Fashionista on the right opted for tights that show a little less skin. Her black tights match her simple shell top and add a sleek finish to her vintage look, which she tops off with a playful pair of red platform heels. Lace tights are a statement piece that speak for themself, so feel free to keep the rest of your outfit simple – solid colors work best, but muted patterns can be okay too. The Fashionista on the right chose to pair her tights with a high-waisted floral skirt. Simple patterns like this are fine as long as there’s not too much going on. In terms of color, follow the lead of these ladies and stick with black lace tights. Patterns on legs tend to make them appear thicker, and black is both slimming and versatile – it goes with a lot of looks.

I’m in love with the lace look right now. It’s a bold style and comes in a range of designs, so you can easily find one that suits you. ASOS has nice looking Daisy Lace Tights. This accessory gives a stylish twist to any outfit; you can dress them up with an LBD or dress them down with a T-shirt and oversized cardigan. Remember, the tights should be the central part of your outfit. Give your legs a sexy style and lace ‘em up!

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