When you go to school in a state that's known more for corn than couture, fashion can get a bit tricky. Someone trotting past the bell tower at midday sporting platform shoes and a dress could easily be written off as someone who is “trying too hard.” But when I saw this Fashionista’s look, I instantly loved it and thought, “this girl looks so cool and hip in such an effortless sort of way.”

The key to this Fashionista’s summer style is layers. A sweater draped over a sleeveless dress makes for a look that is casual yet still successfully put together. If you’re anything like me and own a fair amount of dresses where the neckline dips down a bit lower than it should, a sweater makes it perfectly acceptable for class (unless you’re trying for a good grade with great looks, in that case lose the sweater and maybe even the dress). 

Draping anything over a dress helps make an old article of clothing seem new again. Add on some accessories and the dress you once wore will seem completely revamped. Instead of splurging and spending your weekly food allowance on a new sundress, try layering clothes already owned for a new feel. A pair of plastic framed sunglasses like the one this Fashionista is donning is a fun and youthful complement to any outfit. Opting for a pair of flats over heels helps veers away from that “trying too hard” category and into the “I wish I was her friend” department.

Summer is a time for relaxing and enjoying life, so lather on the layers and some sunscreen and live the good life.

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