STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Layered to Perfection

This Tufts University Fashionista may hail from the south but she sure knows how to dress for a cold New England winter with her layers of outfit perfection. Her layers begin with her fitted printed dress, over which she dons one of this spring’s must-have items, a denim-button down shirt, in a mixed light wash. On top of her blouse, she layers on a white chunky knit cardigan and then a grayish green fleece-lined utilitarian coat on the final outer layer. A cool navy knit hat and a pair of studded buckled boots are the final accoutrements to round out her effortlessly fashionable look.

Even the most stylish of Fashionistas can have a difficult time layering clothes to create an effortless look but she is working it! This Fashionista’s military yet urban chic look can school anyone on the 123s of layering. Take note Fashionistas, beacuse layering works best if the first layers are pieces that are made of a thinner material. The thickness of each layer should increase from thin to thicker as you put on more layers, therefore making it easier to pull off multiple layers. Each layer should peak out a bit to show off a different color or texture when looking at the outfit as a whole.

My favorite piece from this Fashionista’s chic ensemble is her denim button-down, a classic piece that is perfect for layering any time of the year. Wear it unbuttoned over a cute romper in the summer or buttoned up with a pair of colorful corduroys in the winter. This denim shirt from Free People has a vintage-y feel to it and would look great buttoned or un-buttoned. This Levi’s denim blouse is one of my favorites with its cutesy Boy Scout details like a tie collar. Get one yourself this season and try experimenting with layering!

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