This week is all about Parisian chic. Many of my friends ventured to Paris for winter session this past January to study fashion and photography. When we arrived back on campus I took note of the way these traveling Fashionistas dressed differently. Many were in all-black, neutrals and super classic looks. The fashion capital of the world definitely left a sophisticated mark on their style.

Black and white stripes, whether skinny or thick, always remind me of old movies, photographs and stars.I always picture women of the '50s, '60s and '70s in simple silhouettes, à la Audrey Hepburn, racing around Paris buying baguettes and wine for a romantic lunch on the grass. Black-and-white stripes are definitely a classic staple that any Fashionista can wear.

This Fashionista was one of those lucky girls who experienced the fashion, scenery and overall culture of Paris. What caught my eye was her simple yet striking black-and-white striped dress. With simple black tights, a black infinity scarf and chestnut over the knee boots, this look was super chic and with a strong Parisian essence.

Dressing simply does not — I repeat, does not — equal boring. Sometimes the simplest outfits can be the most striking. Parisian chic is a look anyone can achieve. Just keep it classic, simple and a little quirky. Also, remember black, white and beige colors will be your best friends for this trend. For a daytime look at work or for a class presentation, try a flowy blouse, black structured skinny pants and simple black flats. For a more dressy affair, try a simple but detailed dress and a classic trench. Top it off with a bowler hat to keep the look from being fussy. Au revior, bad dressing!



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