As Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is in full swing many of us are seeing the new collections of our favorite designers. There have been many furs, feathers, and leathers or animal skins. Watching all of the different shows sends a spark of inspiration through my body. It reinforces my choice of attire and my initial attitude not to be afraid to express how you feel through what you wear.

 A pattern I had seen for fall 2011 season is leather. Leather is nothing new to the runaway by any stretch of the mind. It is a longstanding material that has been worn by everyone and looks fabulous on everyone. A common trend that I have been seeing is flat tall leather boots. The great thing about boots is they are easy to throw on in case you are running late in the morning, if it is cold outside, or my favorite aspect of leather boots is to give your outfit a bit more spice and flavor.

These particular boots are able to come below or above the knee to give a casual less dramatic look. These boots had straps and studs, love it! They evoke a rocker chic vibe and I am all about it. Knee-high boots, over-the-knee, or ankle whatever your style is wear it and own it, hey we're “Born This Way” right?

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