Leather has always been major—whether in clothes, shoes, bags or accessories. Leather everything can sometimes be amazing but sometimes overwhelming. You may buy a leather dress and find yourself only wearing it once in a blue moon. Instead, why not go for items with leather accents? They make a piece more casual and wearable for your everyday outfits. 

On my search for the perfect leather jacket, I’ve noticed that I can’t seem to keep my eyes away from anything with leather accents. Something about them just seems super cool and chic. There are leather-sleeved jackets like these, which remind me of varsity jackets. This is like a different version of the varsity jacket that makes you look cool and sporty at the same time. I spotted this Fashionisto rocking his black varsity jacket with faux leather sleeves. Not only do I love the contrast between the leather sleeves and the wool, but I also love the small leather detail on the pockets. He added his adidas sneakers to create a sportier look and he balances out the darker tones with his light grey speckled hoodie.

For the ladies out there who aren’t into the whole varsity jacket look, there are tons of other styles of leather-sleeved jackets like this one. This jacket is more feminine by combining a textured bodice and quilted leather sleeves instead of a smooth leather. Even jackets with leather lapels make it interesting and unique. If you want something other than black, go for this burgundy one with leather sleeves. For both ladies and gentlemen, incorporate faux leather like this top in replace of your everyday simple T-shirt. 

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