Finally it is cool enough to pull out the leather outwear this season! (Cool in both senses of the word.) There are infinite possibilities of ways to incorporate leather into your outfit to kick the cool factor up a notch and keep warm at the same time. A vest is a great in-between step to use for October and November, so you don’t break a sweat climbing the campus hills to get to class. This Fashionista’s look is positively commendable. Her black leather vest has incredible stitching details that add depth and distinction to the basic silhouette, while the flair-out collar gives her shoulders definition. She brightens up the outfit with light-colored, knit pieces to make it more appropriate for day time. The speckled multi-tone sweater is cozy and quaint, with a few dark colors mixed in to accent the black vest, while the striped scarf contrasts the sweater’s pattern and adds texture with its fringe. The pale, faded blue jeans are casual and lightweight as well, but are fitted and slender to offset the bulk she creates on top with all of the layering. Her black boots tie in the vest and make the look cohesive, and the little bow detail on the sides give it a feminine flair. To keep it girly in other aspects, she throws on little sparkly earrings and does her hair in a ballerina-esque bun (also perfect for windy weather—no fuss, no muss). She wears pink lipstick to keep warmth in her face while wearing mostly black and shades of off-white. This Fashionista knows what she is facing on a cold day on campus, and she uses that knowledge to create her style rather than get in the way of it.

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