This Fashionista knows how to dress the part. She put together this ensemble to attend a performance of Legally Blonde: The Musical. Regardless of her hair color, some pink was obviously in order. On any other day, however, this Fashionista’s taste doesn’t overlap with that of Elle Woods, so she wore pink her way. Whoever said the color is for girly-girls is clearly mistaken. This Fashionista brings pink to a level of cool even Elle would acknowledge as significant. 

She starts with a simple T-shirt in a flattering shade of hot pink, and works around it with her favorite wardrobe staples. The leather jacket is a must-have for the season for anyone who wants to combine chic with functional. The zippers and pocket details add a little motorcycle flair. The classic black bandage skirt hugs her silhouette, balancing out how the jacket stands away from frame. The subtle ruching contrasts well with flat–front T–shirt and jacket. 

In case her outfit didn’t have enough attitude already, she picks out a pair cheetah print tights to keep her legs warm. It’s always compositionally attractive to have at least one patterned or textured piece in one’s outfit. Minimalism may have an effect on the runway, but in real life it is jarring and cold. Her ruffled heels bring the look full circle, coming back to feminine accessories worthy of Elle (if they weren’t black, perhaps). The open toe with tights is a high fashion look we’ve been seeing a lot lately, too. The last touch of pink is her hair bow – just a thin ribbon to say, “No I’m not just wearing a pink shirt by happenstance. This is Legally Blonde – of course I’m dressed like this to be festive!”

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