Summer weather may be slowly drifting away through the New York City skyline, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still show off your legs! Believe it or not there is a rising trend out there that lets you reveal your legs and be still stay warm too! It is the see-through pant.

Whether your translucent trousers are made of a classic floral lace or an interesting, fun pattern, they are the perfect pair of pants to throw on during those not-so-warm yet not-so-cold fall NYC days. This week's Fashionista pairs her lace pants with a white velvet top, further executing some great fall fashion trends. The sheer pant look can easily be made into a spring or summer look, but with the velvet top she clearly shows that she is sporting a great fall look that definitely turned some heads around campus.

There are so many great options for lace pants out there. These lace pants from the Urban Outfitters are great for transitioning into winter with their ivory lining, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear any pair of sheer lace pants in the winter. Try wearing a pair of black leggings under these black lace flares also from Urban Outfitters. This pair of lace pants from Forever 21 offers a great diamond shape in their lace that any true Fashionista can pull off. With all of the shapes, colors and styles of lace out in the fashion world today, you are sure to find a perfect lace pant that suits your own personal style. So throw on your favorite lace pants and treat your campus like a runway while you show off your very own leggy, stylish look!

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