The happiness I feel while writing about preparing for the changing seasons is so overwhelmingly awesome that words cannot describe it. However, I can certainly show you better than I can tell you that layers, light jackets and un-fur-covered hoods are the best change in Penn State style in the past few weeks. Surely it was fun to break out winter coats and boots, but it’s almost magical to imagine the day those go back into their respective boxes. This Fashionisto has a head start getting ready to shed that heavy outerwear while still looking sharp for class. He has a printed shirt layered under a zippered hoodie and with his scarf and jacket on top; he is ready for the tail end of cold weather in style!

Layering is key to keeping the heavy coats off, while adding a more interesting visual than one piece. It is also the most logical thing to do, since its cold in the morning, warmer in the day and chilly at night. His never ending scarf is so fun as well. These are the most amazing addition to scarf collections, because they are so versatile in what they can do! Add a neutral one to your collection and, like me, will have trouble finding a time NOT to wear them.

Hint: Stay in the same color theme while layering pieces. His shoes have a busy pattern on them, but they don’t stand out as going against his overall outfit. Play around with different textures and colors to see what works the best.

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