STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Lessons Learned from a Rainy Day

Fashionistas never let rainy days get you down! Try and view every obstacle as a fashion barrel that must be jumped. This means whether it is raining or pouring, put together a stylish outfit and make your umbrella an accessory.

This Fashionista chose lots of layers to deal with the temperamental weather. Her outfit has a solid base, black tights and black lace up shoes. A simple start to an outfit allows you to continuously build on it. Next, a simple pair of jean shorts. Who says you have to hide your shorts until summer rolls around again? Summer essentials can be used year-round, as long as, you use them correctly. This Fashionista does just that.

Every Fashionista/o hopes to find a style that is comfortable and fashionable. This Fashionista finds this median with a flannel plaid shirt. The blue and black pattern looks great with her black tights! To protect from the chilly breeze and cold rain, a green-hooded cardigan is the answer.

To top off this rainy day outfit, a plaid scarf and a polka dot umbrella do the trick. Lessons learned from this Fashionista? Layers are a cold weather must. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, especially with complementing colors! Make all your staple season pieces work for you all year long. Finally, don’t let the weather dictate your style, remember, every day is a fashion opportunity.

Hint: Want to mix patterns but unsure how? Start with a bold pattern on your bigger item, and add an accessory with a condensed pattern. This way you can mix and match patterns without feeling as if you’re “clashing.”

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