Spring is in full force and this Fashionista is transitioning her winter pieces for the new season. With chilly mornings and warm afternoons, she layers to perfection with a great color combination.

This Fashionista’s lace tights caught my eye first. A bold leg statement, the wine color complements the black dress and her skin tone nicely. What I love about lace tights is the risk that is associated with them. Often on college campuses these are a rarity, but few understand how great they truly are. Lace tights can be worn seasonally and come in a variety of colors that can be worn continuously with the latest trends. My personal favorite tights are from the Eric Daman (the costume designer for Gossip Girl) DKNY collection. Lace tights have become a staple piece that allow you to speak with your legs and keep the rest of the ensemble simple.

Keeping her outfit minimalistic is exactly what this Fashionista chose to do, serving as a perfect example of how to sport the Little Black Dress on a day-to-day basis. Other illustrations of how to keep the LBD simple and chic can be seen in my previous post and in Grace’s post from the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Great additions to this Fashionista’s ensemble are her cardigan and boots. A classic cardigan is a subtle way to keep an outfit simple but unique. J.Crew has an assortment of cardigans that come in different colors, prints and with embellishments that are fabulous additions to any outfit. Shoes are also crucial when deciding how to complete a look. This Fashionista chose a short boot, which contributes to the edge associated with her ensemble. A spring alternative to boots would be a wedge heel; wedges can add a dressed-up affect to one's look. When striving for a style like this Fashionista's, the key to mixing and matching is to keep it simple. Remember, it’s the use of supplementary pieces that make the ensemble your own.

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