The rain of February has washed all away save the sartorialism of my peers. The dreary days filled to the brim with precipitation leave little room for comfort, but this Fashionista finds solace in her rain-ready ensemble. Sometimes, on rainy mornings at Barnard, I feel like I can almost hear a collective jubilee. No matter whether the day threatens a pathetic spitting of rain or a monsoon, Barnard students seem collectively ecstatic at the prospect of wearing Hunter rain boots. Therefore, rainy days encourage an all too homogenous aesthetic on this campus.

When I saw this student I was drawn to the uniqueness of her appearance. She piles tiers of garments upon one another to shield from both the rain and the cold while maintaining a minimal and clean aesthetic on her legs. Her BDG skinny jeans are a unique texture and are gradated, yet are all together perfect as a template for the rest of her look. She pulls somewhat of a Man Repeller; she piles layer upon layer, yet she does not do so haplessly. The diverse cuts and lines of her shirts and sweaters entertains the rain clouded eye. Her blue oxford shirt, from Beacon’s Closet downtown, peeks out from her beige LF Boutique sweater.

To save herself from the rain, this Barnard Student snatched her “super old” Alvin Ailey sweatshirt. Just when you thought that she could layer no more, she threw on a Levi jean jacket. While her jean jacket is a lighter tone than her skinny jeans, it adds texture and color to her multifaceted rain ensemble. Her white Converse Allstar kicks are the perfect cap to her Kristen Stewart-esque feel.

Take a cue from this Fashionista, and rather than yelping in Hunter-induced exaltation, grab your incongruous sweaters and sweatshirts to pull together an overall unique and personal look. If fashion is truly an expression of the self, than don’t allow yourself to get washed away in a sea of homogeneity. And lastly, follow the wise words of Hilary Duff alla Laguna Beach and just let the rain fall. 


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