STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Let the Texture Do the Talking

Details, details, details – this is what creates dramatic fashion. Sometimes monochromatic outfits can be just as eye-catching as neon orange. This Fashionista’s neutral palette caught my eye, she meshed textures to create drama while toning down color to keep the outfit sophisticated.

The materials used to create each piece of this Fashionista’s ensemble incorporate an individual fabric that brings its own texture. Her top incorporates lace, one of this year’s fashion-musts. This dainty fabric is off-set my a heavier crocheted cardigan. Even though both items are neutral in color, the texture contrast makes them pop!

This Fashionista set off her top with accessories that also incorporate texture. Her pocketbook’s brass handles and leather base continue the monochromatic look, but the shiny brass works with the smooth leather to contrast the complex texture of her cardigan and lacey top. She uses this look from head-to-toe by incorporating her flats. With a braided detail around the top and tassels to top them off, her flats are just as textural as the rest of her look.

I love how she used a seemingly lifeless color and turned it into a va-va-voom outfit with material and texture!

Hint: Want to try the monochromatic look, but not sure how to add drama? Choose a color and find a base piece! This piece can be simple, like today’s Fashionista’s skirt, or it can be textural like this fab dress from Forever 21. Offset the knit material of the dress with a woven or leather belt. Top it off with this bag from TopShop, the mix of leather and suede is the perfect drama to complete the outfit!

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