STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Let There be Long Sleeves

Finally we are starting to feel a sense of winter here in Tempe. The air is cooling down and is most certainly reflected in everyone’s outfits around campus. Many students are now trekking around campus in long-sleeved sweaters and jackets. I’ve realized, though, that sometimes it’s hard to find a way to dress up in outfits that at the same time keep the body warm and are fashion-forward. It is definitely easy to throw on your Sparky sweatshirt and head off to class. Lately though, there’s been an abundance of long-sleeved dresses hitting the stores. A much better alternative to the casual and common sweatshirt – long sleeved dresses are the best of both worlds in that they are feminine, yet functional.

This Fashionista’s long-sleeved dress caught my eye. She wears a navy blue floral dress that is matched with sheer black tights and a pair of suede, fur-lined boots. The juxtaposition of the ultra-short length and the long sleeves makes for a striking silhouette. The dress gives off a “flower-power” vibe that is fresh and fun. Not only are the long sleeves fashionable, they also provide utilitarian value where they can easily be rolled up when inside and unrolled when moving outside into a chillier atmosphere.

In re-creating my own version of this Fashionista’s ensemble, I would go for the Leaf Print Tea Dress from Topshop. It’s luxurious in a super sheer fabric and has a great scrunching detail at the wrist. Try matching this dress with the Footprints Tights from Roxy. The polka dots coincide with the dots on the dress and will most definitely keep those legs warm and toasty in the brisk winter air.

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