Sometimes fashion isn't about the trends and it can just be about what feels comfortable. For some reason, I felt compelled to take a picture of this outfit this week because she seemed so confident and happy in her fun, fall outfit. There was an ease to the way her skirt fell. Her brown peacoat complimented the pattern well and she added contrast with her dark knee-high boots. Through her beautiful hair there are long, hanging earrings.

This Fashionista has successfully achieved a comfortable, stylish look that represents herself. And that's what fashion is all about – representing yourself and who you are. Everyday you wake up, and unless you live in a nudist colony, you have to put on an outfit. It is like a picture – it says a thousand words. This Fashionista represents herself through a hippie, easy look. A great store for this look is Free People or vintage shops such as Rescue on Newbury Street.

As well, a great peacoat can always take an outfit from summer to fall. Here are a couple of great ones:

1) Miss Sixty Wool Blend Peacoat

2) Winter Kate "Collette" Peacoat (I love the newspaper look of this coat)

Hint: Be yourself when dressing – otherwise it's going to look like you are trying to hard, or you'll end up uncomfortable.

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