STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Let Your Pants Do The Talking

In a lot of my articles I point out items that are wardrobe essentials to every Fashionista’s closet. But what aboout the items that are not that essential, but are just extremely pretty? When this Fashionista let her pants do all of the talking in her casual, yet extremely cool outfit, she became the perfect example of this.

There is clearly one main focus in this Fashionista’s look, her high-waist pastel and floral ankle jeans. Jeans like this are so attention grabbing that not just anyone can pull them off, though I do suggest everyone try. They are so much fun and are instantly chic! While they are not as easy to find as your typical blue denim printed jeans, they are surprisingly not that uncommon. Try to find your own unique pattern that you can call your own. Jeans like these can often times be pretty pricey however, so if you want cool jeans on a budget find an old pair of jeans and some fabric pant. This way you can have a fun DYI project and an awesome pair of jeans all in one pair!

This Fashionista had the right idea when she paired her floral jeans with muted, neutral colors. Since her pants are so light and it is already October I like that she made her look more season appropriate by wearing a long sleeved navy blue Henley. A shirt like this is perfect for taking a bold piece and making it more casual (it would be a great way to make a maxi skirt more laid back, as well.) 

Then there are this Fashionista’s accessories, which seem to have a vintage vibe going on. Wayfarer style sunglasses have made a serious come back in the past five years, and with good reasoning. They add an effortlessly cool feeling to anyone to wears them. While I personally love Ray-Ban the best for sunglasses like these it is also very easy to find them at less expensive stores. Lastly, to finish off her look, are the '50s inspired tennis shoes. Her shoes are the second best part of this outfit, for me. They are the typical Keds style, but with a funky twist.

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