St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone and lets just say that Chicago really knows how to celebrate it. Parades, green rivers, welcoming restaurants, happy people, and green outfits everywhere make up one of the most important celebrations in this city. Some go all out, and some tone it down, but this Fashionista knew how to celebrate the holiday while still looking stylish down the crazy streets. With the sea-foam green skinny jeans and other garments she paired it with, she was able to ring in St. Patty’s day while making her fellow fashion students proud.

Overall, the ensemble she has put together is casual and girly. As she was rushing to work, she was explaining to me how she usually goes a little bit crazier with her colors and patterns. If you look at the different pieces she has on, you can see that she has paired her green pants with a grey top that has pomegranate accents on it, then a cream scarf with colorful stripes. Then, in order to keep herself warm, a hoodie and leather jacket are added as the final touches of the whole outfit. This simple outfit, for some reason, just seems to capture your eye, not only because of the different patterns, but the sea-foam green pants. It’s not quite green because of the tint of grey that you can see up close. Overall, this Fashionista did a great job looking fashionable while celebrating the Irish.

So, my advice for all of those who aren’t exactly into going “all out” on the holidays is to go to your wardrobe and find those little hints that go with the certain holiday. It could be accessories like a hat, scarf, or purse, or a garment, like these skinny jeans, for example. With just a hint of color that goes with St. Patrick’s Day you can look fashionable and not tacky by just putting in a little bit of effort. Don’t have anything that you think would work? Well, places like American Apparel offer tons of garments and accessories in many solid colors. So go out there and put on those green pants, orange tights, or red sweater and rock your traditional holidays.


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