In the past, florals have made their debut in whimsical soft palettes. Splattered across mini skirts and printed on sheer blouses, florals come and go season after season while still being reinvented in a different manner.

Today's Fashionista sported a bolder variation of florals with her fitted sleeveless dress. Sometimes you just need to stand out and when you play with colors like today's Fashionista, there is no escaping the spotlight.
To further emphasize her floral dress, this Fashionista stuck with polished white sneakers to accent not only her dress but her long, toned legs.

My advice this week is to wear florals but not just soft, lush pastel florals. Bolder floral prints like the featured trendsetter are a new take on this always present trend. As an added bonus, I'm sure you will appreciate the extra stares you get when walking down the street!

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