Magenta is such a unique color. It is kind of like taking the ever-so girly color, pink, and roughing it up a bit. Only the bold can truly get away with wearing this courageous color, particularly during the transition from fall to winter. With that said, I love the idea of adding a color that is not considered the “norm” in one’s typical, winter wardrobe. This color easily spices up an outfit, and can really be the statement piece of any ensemble. However, magenta should only be used in moderation; after all, moderation is the key to anything, right?

This week’s Fashionista is executing this valiant color effortlessly. First off, she wears a laced magenta brassiere underneath her white-laced camisole. Next, she sports a pair of gray cargo skinny pants. She cuffs them to add some flair and finishes the ensemble off with a pair of fabulous magenta heels. I love the juxtaposition in her outfit; her cargo pants add some edge to her outfit, while she throws in the bold world of magenta. To complete her outfit she adds some of her favorite bracelets, a simple necklace and her sunglasses.

Despite this bizarre sunny, November day, winter is upon us. Los Angeles if finally starting to feel what a seasonal change is. With this said, incorporate magenta like our Fashionista did. Little pops of color will bring your outfit a long way. Try this muted version of magenta flare jeans; add a pair of your favorite heels and it is the perfect amount of color for a winter ensemble. If colored denim is too much for you, try a pair of heels. Pair it with a basic pair of dark skinny jeans and your favorite winter coat.

Though winter is upon us, it doesn’t mean that color has to disappear. Sometimes this is forgotten in the fashion world, however; color is almost necessary in any outfit. It can be an easy way to add some flavor to your ensemble. Perhaps magenta isn’t your particular color, but don’t be afraid to incorporate other pops of color into your wardrobe.

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