STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Life’s Better in Leopard

Fashion is a cyclical process, and the Fashionistas of the world have certainly managed to cycle through various print obsessions over the years. But nothing exudes raw power quite like some good ol’ leopard spots. This 80's staple piece has resurfaced season after season, and has arrived this fall in full-force.  Leopard appears on a plethora of clothing articles: scarves, sweaters, shoes, skirts, making it easier than ever to be a bit of a wild thing. I know it may seem like another fleeting trend, but I am determined to stick with it. After all, you just can’t change your spots, you know?

Finding the perfect print can be pretty tricky, but you can never go wrong while sticking to a classic. I am a certified leopard-lover with an eye for outfits that are precariously cool. I spotted this Fashionista on my way to work one afternoon, looking downright dangerous- in the best way possible. Donning a sheer, maxi skirt, a top-knot bun, and red lips, this Fashionista was sharp. If you too, are daring, try this pair of leopard skinny jeans, another ultra-cool way to don leopard this fall. This Fashionista paired her skirt with a simple, graphic t-shirt tucked in, which created a much more casual, daytime look. On her feet, she wore a pair of simple baby pink flats, and toted a black, vintage bag.

This skirt looks fabulous in the daylight, but is perfect for a night on the town, as well. Trade the t-shirt for a sheer, black top, add a pair of heels, but keep the red lips. Leopard is this season’s fiercest print.  Sure, they may be primarily warm-weather felines.  Don’t let that stop you from carrying some of that inner wildcat into these cooler months.

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