STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Light Linen in the Heat of the Moment

While the summer season is in full swing, high temperatures and humidity are putting college Fashionistas everywhere in a sticky situation. But don’t get lost in the heat of the moment just yet. Wispy and weightless pieces are perfect for Fashionistas in a fiery fix. This Fashionista battles the boiling climate with a pair of breezy linen trousers, cuffed for comfort, paired with a spacious silk tank and stone embellished sandals. Brights and whites create a cheerful color contrast while light linen fabrics paired with smooth silk achieve a beautiful balance between comfort and class. With a smidgen of floral frill in her hair, this Fashionista achieves subtle sophistication that is certainly in step with summer. Tying coordination with common sense, this College Fashionista creates a windswept look, perfect for sultry circumstances. To browse breezy bottoms and seek out silky tops, check out Urban Outfitters’ and J.Crew’s beach collections.

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