On cold Chicago days, I usually see people walking around in dark outfits consisting of black and gray. However, this color scheme often gets boring. This Fashionista made me take a second glance because of her courage to step outside of the box by sporting vibrant, colorful pants during the winter.

It is easy to abandon your favorite spring colors when it becomes cold outside. Instead, be bold and incorporate them into your winter outfit like this Fashionista did. By doing so, your spring clothing items will not go to waste and it will give variety to your winter wardrobe. Take cue from kate spade new york’s reoccurring fun color palette throughout all of the seasons — hot pink, green, yellow, red and blue. Wearing these shades will add a splash of color to your outfit, which will make any winter outfit seem less dull.

Colorful denim is a smart, fun way to add excitement to your winter look because they are both warm and comfortable. You can easily find this item at Topshop and Urban Outfitters. Colorful pants have become a popular trend so you can spot them in most stores year round. They are a must-have item in your wardrobe because they can be paired with almost anything and they effortlessly make your outfit more interesting. To complete the look, do as this Fashionista did and even wear a colorful scarf. Then, wear a black leather jacket or basic top to balance the colors out. Don’t be afraid of adding more than one color to your look. It is always best to stand out in a crowd than blend in, so as kate spade says, “live colorfully.”

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