The Lacoste brand redefined sportswear in the 1930s, advertised during the time as “the status symbol of the competent sportsman.” The company, founded by tennis player Renè Lacoste, was the first to feature a brand logo on the outside of an article of clothing. The infamous Lacoste crocodile even originates from Renè’s zealous tennis career; his on-court nickname was “The Crocodile”. Clearly, the legend lives on and stands to define a certain population obsessed with prep, a high-class look and a brazen logo.

This Fashionisto would no doubt make Renè proud. As I beg to take his picture, his friend announces, “And you thought you looked like crap today!” Well, I’d like to see his outfits on his good days. His fearless red cardigan is the highlight of the outfit. It’s old-school, he tells me, rummaged from a vintage shop nestled somewhere between a cheese steak joint and a vinyl record shop in Philly. The royal blue croc logo featured on the sweater looks stunning against the red and perfectly matches the blue and white striped v-neck tee underneath. Get his look with this classic name brand cardigan. If you’re digging the Lacoste look minus the button-up feature, this crewneck sweater is utterly dashing. And, how perfect is this Lacoste watch? I can’t imagine a better accessory.

Hint: Ladies, don’t feel left out; you can replicate this look with the same ease as your male counterparts. Pick up a vintage Lacoste cardigan from Etsy. Women's Lacoste watches are to die for, but here are my favorites: a unique oversized white stunner and a retro-inspired multicolored watch. Pair the aforementioned items with this crewneck sweater dress and you'll look completely á la Lacoste.

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