Although it may be cold and dreary outside for the next couple of weeks, there's no need to dress like it! Having fun with what you wear is one of the best things about fashion. You can never go wrong with animal print outerwear.

Having a statement piece in your wardrobe is very important for every season, winter most importantly. It can become very easy to submit to the cloudy skies and cold mornings by throwing on a black jacket and jetting out the door forgetting your freshly made coffee in the process. If you can't tell, I talk from experience, and that morning slip leaves you (and me) in a less than peppy attitude for your daily activities. The statement piece I am talking about is having a fun and fierce jacket that makes you feel fabulous with every wear and automatically raises your spirits. If you feel good about yourself, people will see that.

Leopard is a never-ending trend it seems, and I mean that in a good way! Leopard is fun and can give a "POW" effect to every outfit. When you walk down the street in a jacket like the one our Fashionista is wearing you will be comfortable, warm and stylish all at the same time. Just because your can't make a statement with the clothes you are wearing underneath your jacket, it doesn't mean that your jacket can't be a statement all by itself. I really loved the style and sophistication of this jacket. It looks big, comfy and warm! Throw in a big cow neck scarf and red or black gloves like our Fashionista did. You will not be disappointed with the compliments you get about how great you look!

Hint: Trying to find a (faux) leopard that fits your liking may not be easy, but this knee-lengh jacket could do the trick! I really enjoy adding fun gloves to stay warm yet stylish. These black gloves are perfect with the leopard jacket.

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