Unless you're Lindsay Lohan, it's pretty universal that our mothers have our best interests in mind. They put us in our place with a "You're wearing that??" and advise us that they did in fact tell us so when our boyfriend with an earring drives his camero into someone else's heart. They make sure we turn out alright, call to check if we're still alive and love us unconditionally. Some of us are lucky enough to have hilarious mothers who respond to our aspirations of being a model with "the only runway you'll walk down, you'll be wearing a Delta Airlines vest".  

So why not pay homage to our maternal mentors by resurrecting styles from generations past? This week's trend: MOMtage. I'm not talking mom jeans, but rather the genes that made us fashionable. This Fashionista sports a loud rococo blazer straight from her moms closet.  Blazers are back, and perfect for awkward March transitional weather. Bright blazers pair perfectly with neutral pants like these from ModCloth

It's undeniable we're all going to turn out like our mothers, so we might as well start with mom's wardrobe.

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