STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Look Stylish Even at the Library

Although studying at the library can be dull that doesn’t mean your outfit has to be! Just because you’re stuck inside working on homework doesn’t mean you have to resort to throwing on sweats. I’m not suggesting that you have to dress up fancy, but don’t forget the world is your runway!

This Fashionista was dressed like a trendy student ready to hit the books. Her outfit was a perfect combination of comfort and style. There were three components of her outfit that I absolutely adored. First was her sweater vest. This season I have seen chunky sweaters all over stores and people on campus. Not only are they cozy but they come in a variety of styles. I love that this Fashionista’s sweater was a vest and was easily layered over a long sleeved shirt. Not only is layering another popular trend this season but it also gives the opportunity to add more color to an ensemble.

Speaking of color this is the second thing I liked about her outfit. She added color by wearing maroon boots instead of the typical black or brown. This color is great for fall and helped make her ensemble stand out. She also added color to her lips by wearing a red lipstick. Not only is this a beautiful shade for walking around campus but it can be easily transitioned to a night out look. Her daring play on colors is something I suggest every Fashionista try.

The third and final fabulous touch to her outfit was her headband. It added sparkle and shine to her outfit, and jazzed up her simple braid! This headband is perfect for adding style to a laid back outfit. It also would look great with a black dress for a holiday party!

Just remember school work can be lame but that’s no reason not to look your best!

Hint: For a sweater vest try Urban Outfitters and for a cool head piece try Forever 21!

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