Hey fellas, want to look sharp, and dashing the next time you dress? Take a cue from this Fashionisto spotted sitting with his iPad. I’m not quite sure how he did it, come to think of it, because it was more than 90 degrees when this picture was taken yet he stayed fresh and cool, while I on the other hand was a sweaty mess. It’s not often that I photograph Fashionistos, yet the sight of his smart suit and an overall dapperness found on a not so chic-looking sidewalk in SoHo, was an opportunity not to be passed up. His crisp and perfectly fitting quit in light grey contrasts well with his skin tone and the pop of red from his socks complete the look. A pair of Stubbs and Wooten velvet slippers make for the ultimate trendy accessory, as do his round shaped, tortoiseshell glasses.

In New York it’s nice to see a young man dressed to a T instead of the usual hipster-in-snap-cap-and-baggy-tank-top look. Rather than follow suit, this Fashionisto picked a different path, a smart choice that lead to a smart look. 

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